Seven Awesome Days

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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Designed for the Water!

It is now the Fifth Day. The Creator has turned His attention to the oceans and rivers of the world.

The oceans cover seventy percent of earth’s surface, and to an average depth of more than three kilometers! These waters were to become home to a variety of living creatures that would be beyond comprehension!

Bible“Let the waters swarm with myriads of living creatures.”
And God created the great sea monsters and every living, moving creature with which the waters would teem, each according to its own kind.
God looked with satisfaction on what He saw. God blessed them saying, “Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the waters of the sea.”
So there was an evening and a morning, and they comprised Day Five.

From simple plankton to the sleek salmon slicing through the waters with effortless ease, from fish that are but tiny silver slivers to massive and majestic whales, the oceans were becoming a happy environment in which they felt perfectly at home.

The coastal waters of tropical islands suddenly became home to flourishing marine life! Even in the cold depths, where everlasting darkness reigned, marine life began to stir!

What was going on?

It was, amazingly, Step Two in the Creator’s introduction of living things to Planet Earth! Following the trees and flowers, God had chosen to focus on creatures that move freely, and especially on residents of the Sea.

Some of the beautiful creatures He made were huge, several tons in weight, their sleek bodies slicing through the waters with agile ease. Some were colorful and swift, flitting in and out along coral reefs. Some were sleek silvery clouds of fish, swarming along in huge numbers. With tender care and careful planning the Creator took into account just the right environment and food supply for each. He built into each one a body adapted to the temperatures of the surrounding waters. And He even made some that thrived in the constant darkness of the ever black ocean depths.

The Great Mind planned each one of this vast myriad of creatures, and constructed a Living Strand for each from which they would separately be made. And wonder of wonders, then each of these sea going marvels, like the trees and the greenery before them, was made to carry in every cell of its body a copy of its Living Strand! These tiny strands were far smaller than what can be seen by the human eye, yet were so marvelously comprehensive they carried the information needed to govern every aspect of a fish’s development and reproduction, and through an entire life-span!

“Why, this looks as though every kind of fish ever seen can to be found right here!” our science-minded Observer exclaims. “Right here, on the Fifth Day, when fish first appeared!”

And that is exactly what the Creator was doing! Every kind of fish, every kind of marine creature ever known throughout the earth’s history, made its debut here!

“How many kinds might that be?” We turn to our Observer and enquire of him.

“Well, the professionals tell us today,” he goes on, “that they have identified 31,400 species of fish living in the rivers and oceans. And they are finding several hundred new kinds every year, while many others have been lost to history.”

“More than 30,000 kinds of fish!” he goes on. “And there are many more varieties within each of those species! That’s more than any other category of living things!”

The Creator had once again shown His overflowing, super-abounding touch!

We look at the waters before us and stand amazed at the myriad of fish moving about. We realize that God was not creating an isolated fish here and there! He had actually created thousands of flourishing ecosystems, each with a variety of living fish and providing fully for the needs of each creature! There was even provision for the food chain that would be required for a giant 10-ton whale, from millions of tiny krill to more substantial fish that would satisfy a voracious appetite! And among all these marine creatures were to be found many that would make a vital contribution to the food needs of Man, soon to make his appearance.

As we watch one after another from the world of marine life happily gliding by, our Observer calls to point out two outstanding features.

“Notice their eyes!” he says excitedly. “They are perfectly adapted to seeing in the water, with millions of tiny light sensors in the back of each eye. And look at the way each has two eyes that work perfectly together to make one coordinated image. And no fish is without this amazing gift of two eyes!”

“Why, it’s as though the Creator Himself were putting His stamp on each of these living, moving creatures,” our faithful Guide breaks in. “This feature of two eyes is like His own signature saying, ‘I made it! This is My handiwork!’”

“Exactly!” says our Observer. “Each creature made by the Creator carries this remarkable insignia—two eyes that work efficiently together!”

“And notice the streamlined shape of its body!” our Observer continues. “Water ordinarily would be difficult to move around in. But the fish’s body, designed by the Master’s Touch, follows the best and most advanced aerodynamic principles.”

“And notice the gills. While swimming along, they take in a constant flow of water and extract the needed oxygen from it,” he further explains. “Their digestive system too is a model of perfection. They ingest the underwater plant growth, as well as smaller fish, and with a very adaptable digestive system assimilate efficiently the food they need!” our Observer concludes.

How did the Creator go about it?

Our well-read Reporter chimes in. “We now know that when fish were made on Day Five, God followed three orderly steps. He began with a Master Life Strand—in structure similar to the Life Strand we have already seen in the world of vegetation.”

“It is similar,” says our Guide, “to those of the vegetable kingdom, but with greater complexity. And with significant distinctives. Each creature of the sea is made with two eyes and a body built around functional symmetry—a distinctive mark of the Great Creator’s work. There are pairs of fins and marvelously balanced body parts, all working together in amazing functional harmony.”

“The first step was the creation of the Life Strand itself,” our faithful Guide goes on. “It would have been made with as many as 300 million base pairs of coded information, squeezed on to a gossamer strand only 2% of two meters long!”

“This first step,” our Observer explains, “clearly required the work of the Creator! Only He could make a Life Strand and incorporate it into that new form, a free-moving, living fish!”

“What a monumental task the Creator accomplished!” we exclaim.

Look at the final step, the making of an actual living organism. Each group of cells (the genes) is matched and activated with the individual parts of the fish itself. The body of the fish is, then, an exact embodiment of the information on the Living Strand, in every detail! How this is accomplished we do not know. But in the hands of a Great God, it happens! And a living, moving fish is the result!

There is an amazing three-part process with the DNA that is carried out with absolute precision and at lightning speed to make the life of each individual fish possible! And we realize, with wide-eyed astonishment, that what looked to be so effortless, as one fish after another flitted by, was in reality an ongoing miracle of a truly momentous nature!

We turn away from our fascination with the wonders of the sea and the rivers, and see to our amazement a bird, just made by the Creator’s hand, rising effortlessly on feathered wings as it makes its way through the sky above!

And the Fifth Day is only half gone!

Chapter 7 - Chapter 7 Designed for the Water!
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