Seven Awesome Days

Seven Awesome Days 

 Earth was Dramatically Changed

Chapter 3

Appendix III — God’s Code Book

The recent (1953) discovery of the structure of DNA and its coded information raises an intriguing question: does God the Creator actually make use of mysterious “codes”? And if so, why? Clearly, the answer is, “Yes”. The Creator made generous use of coded information in bringing order and efficiency to the process of Creation.

There are at least five clear cases where God the Creator makes use of codes —

  1. The code used in the making of matter. It is a simple code, based on the number of protons (a subatomic particle) contained in one atom. So we find one atom (and only one) containing just one proton, hydrogen. The category of two protons is reserved for helium, a distinctive, separate type of matter. And so on, up to 118 types of atoms -- the number discovered so far.

    In designing each type of matter, God made use of these 118 kinds of atoms. And He assigned to each a variety of functions, whether in isolation or in union with other atoms -- and amazingly, absolutely everything that has substance to it, whether solid or gas or liquid, is in this way found among these 118 atoms!

    In the world of science, this listing of the atoms has become known as the “Periodic Table of the Elements.” Using this simple code, we can identify each specific atom, based on the number of protons found in the nucleus of the atom.
  2. The second code deals not with matter but with energy, specifically electro-magnetic energy, one of the fundamental forces which God created as a power source for the world. Electro-magnetic energy is a very versatile form of energy, flowing in a distinctive pattern of light waves, the waves moving forward at varying heights and at varying speeds.

    And it is these light waves and their varied speeds which form the basis for God’s second code. Near the central point on the scale of light waves, God fashioned visible light -- an especially vital manifestation of EM energy. The color red, for example, is really EM lightwaves flowing at about 400 nm per second and the color blue at about 700 nm. And in this range the eye can see it! At higher ranges are microwaves (10-2 m) and infrared waves (10-5 m) in the lower range, ultraviolet rays (10-8 m) and x-rays (10—5 m) with the intramolecular force being the lowest range, so infinitesimally small that it becomes the force holding molecules together.

    Each of these manifestations of EM energy can be identified by the speed at which its lightwaves move forward, and is known in the world of science as the EM spectrum (or the light spectrum).
  3. Then there is the Genetic Code of Life, discovered in 1953 by Watson and Crick. This is the code which has unlocked the secrets of DNA and their use. It is extremely simple, built around four molecules of amino acid arranged in sets of three, with three sets (a triplet) forming one codon or word in the genetic language.

    Amazingly, using this relatively simple code every part and every function of the human body can be identified -- an immensely complex undertaking!
  4. Code number four has not yet been discovered by science. But it is clearly at work in the human body, and is clearly demonstrated over and over again every day--and is therefore included in this list of God’s codes.

    This code is the one designed by God Himself to handle the immensely complex procedures of copying (or replicating) the DNA in the human body. This function, well known in modern science, carries the genetic information and instructions for replicating the required huge quantity of DNA, at least 100 trillion of them, that go to make up the body--plus 25% of that number each year (since the lifespan of the cell in which the DNA is deposited is about 120 days)

    In this process, the ladder-like DNA is split into two, with the “half–ladder” then searching for the molecules needed for reconstituting itself flawlessly -- and all within the close confines of the body and at a speed that defies description.

    This code is utilized in Zone Two in the Life Strand, adjacent to the master DNA from which it derives the original and then copies it. This is the area on the DNA strand which has been formerly known as a “non-coding area” and often as “junk DNA”. But now it can be seen clearly as the essential location for this very vital function of copying or replicating the DNA. Though the details remain yet unknown to science, the fact that it is functioning smoothly in every living organism is well known and easily confirmed.
  5. The fifth page in God’s codebook is also at the present time unknown to science, but is also in the category of working well in every living organism, plant or animal, and is therefore included as a readily demonstrated working code that God the Creator is utilizing.

    This code governs the genetic information covering the control or utilization of the actual genetic information. Because of the extremely complex and demanding nature of the procedures involved, the code needed will be found (if ever disclosed by God) to be immeasurably complex, For this reason, its structure no doubt will be totally different from the known protein-based code of the genetic language. Two distinct procedures are clearly included:
    1. The transmission of all the genetic information found on the DNA strand itself (which governs every aspect of its growth and development throughout an entire lifetime) to every cell in the organism. And this must be accomplished on a moment-by-moment basis! In this way, the information carried in the DNA is applied at each stage of life to the pertinent part of the organism.
    2. The immensely complex information facility which of necessity must be involved in this process. The genetic blueprint required for this flow of information will also be found on the Life Strand, in Zone Three. This includes no less than (in the case of the human body) three billion codons of DNA connecting to 100 trillion cells in the body--an unbelievably complex process!
Chapter 3 - Appendix III — God’s Code Book
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