Seven Awesome Days

First Day

Chapter 10

Chapter 10 The Masterpiece

It is now afternoon. The Sixth Day!

Following His Master Plan, the Creator-God has worked His way through an amazing array of creative feats.

He has dressed up the earth in its final, beautiful form. The air, the water, the land--all are now in perfect balance and fine tuned to produce an ideal environment for the creatures He has made and has placed securely in the midst of an otherwise hostile universe.

The Supreme One has also climbed through the making of a world of greenery, the molding of a world of birds and of fish, the creating of a world of animals. Only the last peak now remains, the highest point in the Eternal One’s creative activities!

Suddenly, in a moment, he appears!

The First Man!

BibleAnd God said, “Let us make man in Our image, after Our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the sky, over the domestic animals, and over all the earth, and over every living thing that moves along the ground.” And God created man in His image, in the likeness of God He created him. He created them male and female. God blessed Man and said to them, “Be fruitful. Multiply. Fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea, the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves in the earth.”

And God said, “Look, I have given you every plant on the face of the whole earth that bears seeds and every tree which has fruit with seeds in it. These will be food for you. And to every animal on the earth, to every bird in the sky and to everything that has life and moves along the ground, I have given every green plant as food for them.” And that is just how it came to be.

God looked over everything He had made. And behold, He was completely satisfied. So there was a morning and an evening, and they made up Day Six. (Genesis 1:1-31).

What was a few moments ago merely a Thought in the Creator’s Mind has become a living, throbbing reality! God has “formed man from the common elements (literally, the dust of the ground)” and “breathed into man the breath of life, and he became a living being!” (NLT).

Complete! Fully conscious! Fully aware of the world around him! And he appears, not at the infant stage, but at early maturity, instantly able not only to see but to speak, to think, to hear, to respond!

What did that First Man see as he opened his eyes? He saw Paradise around him! He saw, with amazement, the finished earth as it had come from the Hand of its Creator! He saw a world of overflowing abundance in all its pristine glory! He saw the trees and the flowers in all their colorful array and the blazing glory of their beauty and perfection! He gazed in astonished wonder at the animals that crowded around him! He watched intrigued as the birds joyfully floated through the sky above him, as the silvery fish glided effortlessly through the waters at his feet!

“Oh, the beauty of it all! This is wonderful!” he shouts jubilantly. “And God has decreed that I will be responsible to watch over all of this! What a happy assignment!” He turns over in his mind the thought as he recalls the words of the Supreme One.

Our traveling group looks on in rapt wonder. Without a word; until, that is, our Observer blurts out, “Look at the way the Man sees everything around him! He is taking it all in and reveling in the awesome beauty of the moment, at everything he sees!”

Our very knowledgeable Guide comments, “He has been given the most marvelous of all gifts, the gift of sight,” he explains. “and is already making full use of it!”

“God went to great pains to design and construct the eye,” our perceptive Guide continues. “That eye was only the size of a grape, a ball of jelly-like substance. But in the hands of the Master Workman, it became a true marvel of incomprehensible efficiency and wonder!”

“As soon as he blinked,” our Guide carries on, “his eye received a flow of images, and it sent those images streaming on an astonishing 132 million channels to the visual center of his brain, from tiny light sensors in the back of the eye! Then in the brain, that information was processed into one coordinated image.”

And, wonder of wonders, the man sees--everything within range and in full color! The eye does what it was designed to do!

“What an indescribably wonderful First Gift for the First Man!” he goes on to exclaim.

“And this is just the first of many wonders he is relishing for the first time,” says our patient Guide. “Look at the way his entire frame moves with perfect coordination. To control his body, his brain has millions of tiny electrical connections that make up an amazing communications network!”

“Then, there is a flow of blood throughout that body that includes a constantly-pumping heart,” our Guide continues. “and an amazing 96,000 kilometers of blood vessels! That flow carries over thirty million tiny red corpuscles, each with a job to do, delivering warmth and oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. It is as though that body had inside it thirty million tiny trucks, each delivering its precious cargo to just the right place and at just the right time! Truly a marvel of God’s creative genius!”

“Beyond these marvels of that First Body,” he goes on to say. “There are hundreds of other colossal, minutely designed features that work together in perfect coordination to produce that first human body. It is truly an amazing, awe-inspiring masterpiece, worthy of the Great Creator!”

The Life Strand

“I wonder what part the Life Strand and its DNA played in all of this,” enquires our inquisitive Observer.

“A very important part!” our knowledgeable Guide responds. “The full Master Design was first of all meticulously drawn up by the Great Creator and placed in coded form on a Master ‘Life Strand.’ It was a comprehensive blueprint or DNA, covering every aspect of the Man’s shape and form, over his entire lifetime!”

“To take care of this” our enthusiastic Observer explains, “the Life Strand carries a colossal three billion ‘codons’ (genetic “words”). These instructions are placed on a Life Strand and wrapped into a tight ball. Then, a precise copy of this all-important bundle is made and placed, amazingly, at the center of every one of 100 trillion cells which would go to make up the human body!”

“It makes the head spin,” comments our Observer. “just to think of this intricate process! But this is the picture that emerges as we look at the information God has made available to us!”

Delving more deeply, we find that this Master Life Strand not only carries the living blueprint (DNA) of a complete body structure. It also provides for two essential processes--the copying (replication) and the control of the entire body’s functioning, through an entire lifetime! It not only carries the God-created DNA, but along with it instructions for the incomprehensibly complex “replication process” that produces copies at lightning speed for the entire body. And it carries also genetic instructions for the “control process”, the process that brings to bear all the DNA information on the various parts of the body, completing the incredible DNA saga. It brings it to the point that is indisputably the greatest of all moments, when life actually begins!

The Creator Himself in the end adds a miracle of monumental proportions! He grants to that body an eternal spirit, the gift from heaven that makes man completely unique.

No God, no life! The Creator has decreed that He, and He alone, is the Giver of Life! This prerogative He will share with no other! Here, when the Creator Himself steps in, the entire process is complete! Here has been performed that creative miracle that absolutely defies description!

Here, literally, life begins!

It is that magic moment after which men have sought and struggled and found to be an unspeakable mystery! No efforts of men have ever been able to duplicate even a small portion of it.

Life has begun! Real, beautiful, throbbing life!

So in one moment, the DNA has finished what it was made to do, and the Creator Himself steps in to add the final touch. He throws the switch, as it were, on each DNA chromosome (how, we do not know), activating those genes and making them into one grand living entity! Now, when the DNA of the body has been activated and has been made a living, physical entity, then the other miracle of earth-shaking significance takes place! God imparts the gift of an eternal spirit! And (as the Bible puts it)

“The man became a living soul” (Genesis 2:7).

A complete, functioning body and a spirit designed for eternity, are brought together!

And at that moment man is complete -- just as God planned! This is indeed the miracle of all miracles, the point of high drama to which all else points, including all of the studies and research having to do with DNA.

Who but the Supreme One Himself, the awesomely Great Creator, could even conceive of such an accomplishment, let alone cause it to happen? And who but that Creator-God could then make it function efficiently in millions upon millions of human lives!

“Like God”

“The stunning announcement for Day Six,” our Guide reminds us, was “Let Us make man in Our image.”

“Whatever does that mean,” asks our incredulous Observer. “In what ways are we like God? We seem so different!”

“Clearly,” responds our knowledgeable Guide, “The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit--the Godhead--conferred and decided that certain features of God’s mysterious nature would be replicated in man’s makeup. Features like a high level of intelligence were included. And added as a part of Man’s makeup were a wonderfully functioning memory, powerful emotions, and a decision-making will. All of these are marks of God’s nature!”

“So that is why this First Man showed evidence of each of these abilities from the very first hour,” exclaims our Observer. “What wonderful gifts they were--not visible to the eye, but real!”

“That explains his jumping up and down with joy! He was expressing his emotions!” he continues. “And why he paid so much attention to each of the animals! He was remembering all he saw and felt. And he was able to express himself to God and even show mature signs of a highly intelligent person.”

“Amazingly,” our Guide comments, “the First Man did not need to learn these skills! They were clearly built in, as part of what the Creator gave him that day. In these vital respects, he had been made ‘like God!’”

What an amazing picture of the handiwork of the Creator!

The animals and the birds, too, had been given a certain degree of intelligence, and even of communication abilities. But the gap between them and the God-like human skills was clearly so great as to defy description! All attempts by men to bridge the gap, such as teaching a gorilla to talk, have ended in hopeless frustration. A three-year-old child can clearly run circles--no contest-- around the most advanced gorilla, as far as intellect is concerned!

The God-designed Human Being

The Complete God-Design Human Being with God given SpiritThe God-designed human being is altogether incredible! He moves about with dexterity, governs his life with amazing facility, expresses his joys and his sorrows in a thousand ways--all the while effectively utilizing a host of complex organs, all seamlessly woven together into one remarkably compact package--the Human Body!

When the Great Creator designed that First Human Body, He had several objectives in mind. First, it would incorporate some of the features of the Supreme One Himself

  • He would be a moral being, able to distinguish between right and wrong, with the ability to relate to God Himself,
  • He would be able to communicate freely, with God and with other human beings,
  • He would have the unique gift of highly intelligent thinking.

He would be given a distinct “spirit."

The Unseen human SoulTo make these functions fully meaningful and even colorful, God gave him three other abilities: a decision-making will, a set of emotions ranging from happiness and contentment to anger and hostility, and a memory, vividly recalling, even in full color and in full motion, the events through which he would pass.

This was his “soul”, that unseen but real, part of his structure, that would reach “down” as it were into every day experience, while his spirit reached “upward” to relate to Deity and eternity.

In this way, the First Man would have three distinct parts to him: spirit, soul and body. And he would be designed in such a way as to be able, in resurrected form, to be part of the eternity dimension, following has time on earth.

With all of these features in mind, what kind of physical structure would the Great Creator give to that First Man?

The Human SensesThe design of that First Man turned out to be the Ultimate Masterpiece, displaying the highest and best of all the Creator’s abilities! It expressed majestically the Great Plan of His Great Heart! It was a Masterpiece of unspeakable complexity. It was designed to function in such a way as to endure through an entire lifetime, all the while fully functioning smoothly and efficiently, and fulfilling the objectives of the unseen part of his nature.

Moving on to the next part of Man’s physical structure, we find five abilities of immense significance. First among them is the critical ability to see! It involves no fewer than forty complex subsystems, including one that conveys to the brain millions of streams of light as they flow into the eye. Add to this the facilities to make adjustment for focus and distance, for light and dark, the protective features that keep the eye itself safe and clean--and the human eye can be best described as the most advanced and intricately engineered device in the universe!

But the God-designed ear is not far behind, providing a hearing facility to go along with the seeing! With its millions of tiny hairs in each ear, it picks up sound vibrations and turns them into tiny electric impulses that are conveyed to the brain, where they are “translated” into a meaningful audio message. This, too, is a wonder of the Creator’s inventive genius!

The Human Endrocine SystemAnd the ability to feel, and to draw meaning from the touch? Unobtrusively, the body as God designed it provides an amazing channel of vital information with everything around us. Whether what we are holding is hot or cold to the touch, the sensory system seamlessly works together with the nerves and muscles, to keeps us from dangers and even to enhance our pleasures at times.

And what would life be without the joys, and sometimes the warnings, coming from the ability to taste and smell? They wonderfully enhance the joys of life!

Unobtrusively, the fourth level is an inside-the-body God-designed system that is constantly at work and amazingly effective. It keeps bodily functions in good balance and keeps them functioning smoothly. It is known as the endocrine system, and controls such vital functions as maintaining body temperature, triggering pangs of hunger and thirst when food or water is needed.

Then there is the delicate need for certain chemicals in the body to maintain many delicate aspects of bodily functions. And finally the sensation of pain, often to warn of some lack or malfunction in the body, sometimes as a warning to take corrective steps.

Body Control FunctionsAs a foundation for these exalted purposes, and as a platform from which they can be exercised, the Great Creator fashioned the amazing physical human body and brought it into being.

First of all, He developed in His Great Mind the entire human body, with all its bones and muscles, its eleven internal systems, (including the organs for breathing and digesting) -- a full living blueprint!

He then, in one of the most momentous happenings imaginable, took all of that information, transcribed it in ultra-miniature form into a genetic language He had developed, and in truly God-like fashion, expressed its three billion genetic “words” onto a few centimeters of a gossamer strand—the first DNA, carried on the first Life Strand!

  • It was from that one Life Strand that the Creator formed Adam, the First Man!
  • It was from that one Life Strand that the All-wise Creator provided copies that would over the years grow into the human race!

Why did you go through these steps?

Because He had a purpose that reached far beyond the creation of just one man! From the one Life Strand which God made, His all-seeing eye could see thousands of years ahead, and that from copies of that one strand, billions upon billions of human beings would come, produced over thousands of years and many generations, and would grow into an entire race of human beings!

Each individual would be given one precise copy carrying each of the genetic features of Adam’s body. Yet each individual would be entirely distinctive, even though with less than 1/10 of 1% of the DNA for variations! Each in the end would be accountable to His Creator for the actions he performed while using that body, whether they were pleasing to the Creator or were not.

As we look then at the eleven incredible body systems, they start off with a super-efficient process that takes in its food and in an amazing twenty-two step digestive process converts it into the energy and warmth the body needs.

The next need is for oxygen, an essential moment-by-moment necessity. A pair of lungs serves this purpose, taking oxygen from the air and sending it throughout the body as a constant, life-sustaining flow.

At the center of this marvelous body, the Creator designed and provided an amazing 24-hour-a-day working pump, the heart, that would carry necessary nutrients and warmth and oxygen to every cell in the body -- 100 trillion of them!

This blood flow carries, through an astounding 96,000 km of blood vessels in the body, an amazing 30,000 or more tiny red corpuscles. And each of these -- hear this! -- carries its precious cargo

  • to exactly the right place
  • at exactly the right time
  • through an entire life-time!

What an amazing Masterpiece of efficient activity!

This human body, with all its intricate parts, was the centerpiece of all God’s creative activity. It was the one thing more than any other that would be a display of His Handiwork!

This was indeed the Ultimate Masterpiece!

We look once more at this marvelous human body, and what do we see?

Made Alive by the Spirit of GodIt is all aglow! With a light from the “spirit,” it shines with the Glory of God! All of the amazing features of this body, as God intended it, work together to proclaim the Glory of God, the praises of the Great Creator! Each one of the intricate features of the body marvelously meshed together to follow the dictates of the unseen parts, ultimately to follow the will and the wishes of the Unseen God with whom it was in contact, and cast its heavenly “glow” over the entire being.

In an amazing way, this was true of the First Man. But (as we shall see in a later chapter), though in the beginning his state was perfect, it tragically became marred. The glow was lost! And though Adam’s loss was immeasurable, the promise of God was given that a door would be opened later for the full restoration of that original glory.

One day, the spirit of man, in which had been sown the seeds of death and rebellion, would in a marvelous “grace” fashion, be restored. Made alive again!

And God Made Woman

At this point, the Great Creator once again reviewed the being He had made and said, “It is not good that the Man should be alone. He should be provided with a suitable companion.” He was to provide a beautiful, exalted answer to the need for heart union fellowship in His newly created Man.

In a unique step not duplicated in any other part of Creation, the Great Creator took from the Man, from his “side”, a part of both his physical and emotional makeup.
The Great Creator then incorporated that part of Man’s makeup into another newly created being of exquisite beauty and thoughtful design. This new being was made to be a companion for Man, one with whom loving fellowship could be realized.

She would be called, “Woman.” And the most intimate and exalted of all earthly relationships was established!

In this way, God lovingly planned and made Man, male and female, the most intricate and versatile of all the beings to come from His hand. Every other creature was only a faint shadow of this high point of God’s creative genius.
The Supreme One, as an expression that flowed from a heart overflowing with Love, had produced His Masterpiece!

He looked it over; he examined it from every side. And He decreed it completely acceptable, perfect, even to His eye of perfection.

Not only that, He looked at all He had made over the past six days. And in joyous tones He declared, “It is very good! It is just what I had in mind!”

BibleThe Lord God said, “It is not good that the Man should be alone. I will make a companion suited to him.”

From the common elements of the ground, the Lord God had formed every animal in the fields and every bird in the sky. He brought them to the Man to see what he would call them. And whatever the Man called each living creature, that became the name given to it. The Man gave names to all the domestic animals, to the birds of the sky and to every wild animal.

But for the Man, there was not found among them a companion suited to him. The Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall on the Man. While he slept God removed from him a part of his body and then closed up the flesh from which it had been taken. From that portion of his body which He had taken from Man, God made a Woman and brought her to the man.

And the man said, “She is now part of my bones and flesh. She shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.” So a man will leave his father and his mother and be united with his wife, and they shall be one. They were both naked, the man and his wife. And they felt no shame. (Genesis 2:18-25)

So it was that for the sixth time, there was a morning and an evening.

And they made up the Sixth Day in an Incredible Week!

The Sovereign One looked over His handiwork, and smiled with complete satisfaction!

From Ear to Ear, as it were!

Chapter 10 - Chapter 10 The Masterpiece
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