Seven Awesome Days

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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Let the Animals Appear

Now it is the Sixth Day. And this promises to be the most prolific day of the entire week! God’s sweeping creative decree: “Let the animals appear.” In His decree, the Creator included:

  1. Wild animals of the world.
  2. Domestic livestock.
  3. Behemoth and Leviathan (Dinosaurs).
  4. Insects, “everything that moves along the ground.”

And God made the astonishing announcement that each creature He made would be the first of many generations to follow! Each, together with its mate, would be capable of reproducing precise copies of itself for future generations, carbon copies of the original.

Already, the sky was crowded with swooping, twirling birds--joyfully filling the skies with their happy antics and their thrilling bird songs. The seas too were full to the brim, it seemed, with fish of all shapes and sizes.

How would the Creator go about bringing into being living creatures that would walk on the earth?

The Wild Animals of the World

Here and there, they began to appear—a monkey, a bear, a zebra! Each one lovingly shaped by the Hand of God, each one reflecting exactly the pattern God had determined in His great heart of love—the color and texture of the hair, the precise body shape. Every detail!

They were always in pairs. Over there were two rabbits, happily prancing about on their first outing. Not far away, a pair of lions romped in the forest, exercising their lungs--the first lion roar ever heard on Planet Earth! Scurrying toward the river, two beavers were testing out their new surroundings. There was a pair of diminutive weasels, too, already hiding in the rich foliage of their new home.

What a happy lot, as each faced with wide-eyed wonder its first day alive!

“Look a little closer,” our Guide says, “and you will see a most intriguing element in all of this. The Creator is clearly making these creatures as fully developed, fully functioning animals--able to see and to run at once, fully conscious and fully aware of their surroundings.”

Our Observer adds, “and there is something more! The Creator is determining for each its total environment--its ideal temperature range, it’s adequate food and water supply, it’s suitable dwelling place—even the predators which would control the total number of survivors! In each case, He is forging a distinctive family-like community setting, an eco-system, designed to meet the needs of that particular animal.”

What a comprehensive approach the Creator was taking! How truly God-like!

God the Creator was vividly showing once again that He deeply cared for each of the creatures He made. It was not a cruel, heartless world He was making. It was a world where every detail of each creature’s need was lovingly provided for. It was a world God Himself could delight in!

And as the God of Perfection, He stepped back, looked over the world with its vast array of new inhabitants and said, “It is good.”

It was entirely to His satisfaction, a work of Perfection!

“Let’s look a little more closely at the steps God followed in making the wild animals,” suggests our science-minded Observer. “On the Sixth Day the Life Strands again played an important role.”

“God first had made a Master Life Strand for each kind of these living creatures,” he continued. “The elephant and the monkey. The horse and the camel. In each body was imbedded the Life Strand which carried both the DNA
and the instructions covering its replication and activation. And we know He made two of each kind, male and female, setting the scene for them to reproduce.”

“How many animals would have been made that day?” we enquire. “Based on those still remaining on the earth, there would have been more than 23,000 kinds--15,000 animals and 6000 varieties of reptiles. Beside this, there would have been many more small and unknown creatures," he explains.

“Whatever the number, the Creator individually designed a Life Strand for each,” our Guide reminds us, “It was a truly a gigantic task!”

“Yes, and putting those 300 million codons of DNA information on that two-meter Strand, in precisely the right order, was only the beginning,” our Observer joins in. “There was still the incredibly complex job of making millions of copies of the Strand, and then applying that information exactly where it was needed. Only then was an actual living body formed!”

Our explorers look at one another again with amazement! “This making of the animals of the world was clearly an earth-shaking event!” one of them exclaims. “It would powerfully affect the world for all of its history!”

“What a vast array of new animal life appeared for the first time that day!” comments our Guide. “Think of the surefooted mountain goat, leaping with total abandon from one rocky ledge to another, never faltering. What about the playful monkey swinging effortlessly from tree to tree? Or the lowly gopher burrowing away to prepare his underground dwelling? Each was instantly making use of the amazing abilities God had given,” he continued. “Each ability was clearly designed by the Maker and built into the very structure of that animal’s body.”

In this way, the Great Creator brought into being the incredible variety of life found in the forests and wide-open fields of the world! It was no haphazard world God was somehow allowing to drift into existence. It would be an expression of His Perfections, with each animal fulfilling its own assigned purpose, meshing together into a well-rounded picture of magnificent beauty and meaningful purpose.

The Domestic Animals of the World

BibleGod said, “Let there appear throughout the earth living creatures,…
domestic cattle, each according to own kind.”


Sheep and cows. Pigs and water buffalo. There was no mistaking the purpose behind God’s creation of all the domestic animals--providing a full and well-balanced food supply for mankind He was planning to make later that very day!

He said, “Look! I have given you every seed-bearing plant throughout the earth and all the fruit trees for your food.” All the variety and abundance of the entire world of vegetables and fruit was here provided by the Loving Hand of God Himself for men to eat! Even the carrots and potatoes in the field, the cherries and grapes in the orchard, were carefully prepared and provided!

Today, He would carry His purpose one major step forward. He would provide the added ingredient of nutritious protein for a full and well-balanced diet!

To do this, the Creator specifically designed a handful of special creatures. They would be made specially to take the greenery He had created earlier, to process it and make it available for humans as meat and milk.

Look at the cow God fashioned that day! Designed especially to serve as a domestic animal, it has an amazingly docile disposition, and feeding on the grass of the field, grows to as much as 2,000 kilograms, providing an amazing amount of delicious and nutritious meat for men and women world-wide. It boasts four special compartments to its digestive system, making possible the efficient digestion of even stubborn, hard-to-digest grasses. And the female cow, after giving birth to a calf will produce as much as 25 liters of milk, day after day. What a marvel of efficient, well-planned production of one of the essentials for the human race!

“That is why today, thousands of years after God created the first cow on Day Six, we see more than 1.53 billion cows world-wide! They come in a wide variety of colors and shapes, and they are all direct descendants of those originals God made during the First Week!

And what shall we say of the more than one billion sheep that are grazing world-wide today? They too make a giant contribution to man’s need for meat and milk, for healthy nutrition. They too were designed by the Creator’s loving hand and over the centuries have made a major contribution to man’s welfare.

What about the pigs and the chickens, ubiquitous wherever man is found? Men of science tell us there are more than 24 billion chickens and over a billion pigs doing their part as domestic animals today. Then, there are others like the water buffalo and the camel who have their niche to fill. God made them each on the Sixth Day.

Behemoth and Leviathan, The “Dinosaurs”

BibleNext, God said, “Let there appear throughout the earth living creatures, each according to its own kind,… creatures that move along the ground and the animals of the earth, each according to its own kind.” And that is exactly how it came to be.
God made the animals of the world, each according to its own kind, and the domestic animals according to their kinds, and everything that moves along the ground, each according to its own kind. And God looked with satisfaction on what He saw.


Did God actually design and make the dinosaurs? The answer comes back--a resounding “yes!” They are distinctly God’s handiwork! They display all the signs—two eyes, wonderful symmetrical design.

How can we speak with such assurance? First, because God in His Word has repeatedly said so! “I made the earth and everything in it,” the Creator proclaimed. “God made….everything that moves along the ground.” And specifically, “Take a look at the mighty behemoth which I have made, even as I made you." (Job 40:15) And verse 19, “Its limbs are bars of iron. It (the behemoth) is a prime example of God’s amazing handiwork.” (Job 40:19). “No one can catch it off guard or put a ring in its nose and lead it away.” (v. 24)

Then, even though no living example remains, there is every indication from the bones that do remain that they tell a remarkable story of a God-created animal. They walked on four legs, were perfectly symmetrical in their body design as are all the other animals that came from God’s hand. They each had two eyes--an especially distinctive mark of God’s Creation. They had the basic organs, similar to all other animals--lungs, a four chamber heart, a nervous system, a functioning brain.

The behemoth and the leviathan are not imaginary creatures. They are repeatedly referred to in Scripture, the one a huge creature living on the land, the other a giant resident of the sea. They are real animals God made on the Sixth Day!

The description of these giants given in the Bible remarkably matches the “dinosaur” often referred to in our day. Not all animals called dinosaurs, however, were massive and fearsome creatures.

Working from fossilized bones (usually found in ancient riverbeds) men of science have pieced together the structure of over 1,000 kinds, some as small as cats or dogs, ranging up to the massive creatures of 80 tons and commonly referred to as dinosaurs.

So there is every indication in the reliable record that when the Creator made the animals of the world He included the dinosaurs! And the record goes on to tell of encounters between giant dinosaurs and man. Hunting parties that sought to capture a dinosaur--all of them unsuccessful!

The mystery of course is, What happened to them, since none remain alive today?

No really clear picture emerges, either from history or from the Scriptures. But enough fragments remain to provide a meaningful answer.

First, when created at the same time as man, specifically on Day Six (Job 40:15), it was as a truly beautiful and majestic animal, “its tail as strong as a cedar” lying ‘under the lotus plants,...not disturbed by the raging river.”

In the Great Flood of Noah’s day, God simply chose not to carry the dinosaur over into the new world of that day, and they became part of the 90% of history’s animals which became extinct. They perished in the floodwaters, leaving behind only scattered remains, especially in ancient river beds.

Of Butterflies and Bees and Wriggley Things!

People often recoil at wrigley worms and buzzing insects, not realizing that they are an essential link in keeping the world livable!

  • Without the insects burrowing in the soil, that soil would not develop and could not produce essential crops.
  • Without the insects which avidly devour dead bodies and other refuse, humans would find themselves buried in an endless pile of rotting garbage.
BibleNext, God said, “Let there appear throughout the earth living creatures, each according to its own kind,…creatures that move along the ground, each according to its own kind.”
And that is exactly how it came to be. And God looked with satisfaction on what He saw.
  • Without bees and other insects constantly flitting from flower to flower, those flowers would never be pollinated and produce the fruit and flowers they so wonderfully make.
  • Without the insects devouring many of the pests in the world, people would be overcome by them!
  • Without the fast-growing insects that are found everywhere, many types of birds simply would not exist. They subsist on insects!

The humble insect is an essential caretaker in this world! Often unnoticed and unsung, he is nevertheless a vital cornerstone of the world!

The Great Creator in His Master Plan saw the need for the world of insects. “Yes,” says our faithful Guide. “He saw the vital role they would play. And on Day Six, He designed and made them. All of them!”

“In fact,” adds our Observer. “He made so many of them that men of science tell us that insects account for fully 20% of all types of living creatures! A staggering one million kinds (species) have been identified and are alive in our world today!”

An insect can be described as an air-breathing animal with a hard, jointed shell forming its skeleton, and a body divided into three parts--the head, with a pair of antennae, the thorax with three pairs of legs and usually two pairs of wings, and an abdomen which contains the digestive system and the reproductive organs. They come in thousands of different sizes and shapes, each with a distinctive purpose, planned by God Himself.

Many insects have been given by God an amazing gift of communication with one another. They use this gift to build and control remarkable social communities. The honey bee is an outstanding example. It will build its community--sometimes very large--and while producing honey, will carry on an astonishing world of activity and of efficient organization.

The ant, too, presents a marvelous picture of organized, community-style organization.

The tiny ant has been known to build an “ant city” as much as six or eight feet tall, complete with air conditioning systems, and with its millions of ant inhabitants building an efficient and well-organized community. Their achievements, with each member busily filling its own well-organized niche and displaying God-given “ant wisdom” is a cause for amazement!

Apart from the helpful and essential elements contributed tiny insects, there is also often the problem of pest insects--millions of them--whether grasshoppers eating valuable crops or beetles devouring healthy trees, insects can also be a considerable inconvenience, and a source of heavy damage to human activities, especially when their habitat is encroached upon. So not every element of the story of insects is a happy one! But in a majority of cases, insects are necessary and helpful caretakers of our world!

In this way, God fulfilled the sweeping announcement of His plan for Day Six--to make the animals and insects of the world. And then He meticulously proceeded to produce precisely what He said He would produce. These living originals became the creatures from which, in each case, descendents have lived and reproduced over the intervening years since.

We look at the animals of all kinds, and are surprised to learn that more than ninety percent of the various types of animals God made have become extinct! They have been lost over years, some to natural disasters, some to disease and accident, some to the Great Flood of Noah’s day. And what we see today are the remnants of an earlier glorious day when God first so wonderfully created the animals of the world!

What a sight that must have been! What an experience if we could only go back and catch a glimpse of the glories of what that world was like!

Today we know, what even fifty years ago was not known, that this Great Creator in every single case where He was making a new form of life, made central use of the Life Strand! It was a gossamer strand only two meters in length, rolled into a tiny ball, but with as many as three million codons of the protein-based genetic code on each. And those three million codons not only expressed the exact blueprint for the animals which appeared at that time, but became the comprehensive blueprint from which would come the many generations to follow! God has chosen, before the close of time, to let us in on one of His amazing secrets!

Did the Creator need this Life Strand with its DNA instructions as a help in His work of creation? Not at all! The infinite Creator did not need help of any kind. The Life Strand, from the beginning formed a central part of God’s overall plan to lay the groundwork for future generations! It is the repository, as men of science have discovered in our generation, of the genetic information needed to produce the future succeeding generations!

But it is apparent that God wanted this generation to have this amazing knowledge, as a testimony to His wonder-working powers--and as a call to this generation to open their hearts to Him.

It is a sad commentary on our day that our generation has failed to respond to His call!

After the breathtaking experience of seeing the animals of the world come into existence, we pause for a moment. We look with amazement and wonder at the tremendous variety of creatures God has made, from the lion to the bee!

And this is when we realize, shockingly, that the day is only half gone!

What further wonders does the Creator have in mind for the rest of the day? 

Chapter 9 - Chapter 9 Let the Animals Appear
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