Seven Awesome Days

First Day

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 An Absolutely Momentous Event!

It was early in the morning.

Dense darkness still enveloped the globe called Earth. At six o’clock came the first indication that this would be a day like no other.

A New Kind of Light

Silently, majestically, God-like, the first dawn swept across the planet, flooding it with light. It was stunningly beautiful! A multicolored hue enveloped the whole earth! It was as though an Aurora Borealis had broken loose from its
northern prison and its glorious light was now seeping into every dark corner of Planet Earth, into every nook and cranny.

BibleGod said, “Let there be light.” And there was light! God saw the light and he was fully satisfied with it. And God divided the light from the darkness. God called the light, “Day,” and the darkness He called “Night.” There was evening and there was morning, the First Day.

There were no bells! No trumpets! No celebrations! Just an atmosphere of utter serenity.

The Great Creator had, as it were, turned on the lights! He had activated a vast supply of a new kind of light, and was making it available everywhere. This new and wonderful light, created especially for Planet Earth, would come to be known as Radiant Light (or EM light). It was amazingly versatile. It was perfectly suited to life in the New World.

God had moved to set in place an amazing centerpiece of His New World! His simple, majestic words:
“Let there be light!”

BibleEarly Christians acknowledged the miraculous new light of the First Day, though later generations seem to have lost the knowledge of it! No less a person than the Apostle Paul referred to it in 2 Corinthians 4:6 when he wrote, “God, who said, ‘Let light shine out of darkness’ (clearly referring to the three days before the sun was created), made His light shine in our hearts….” (NIV)  

As the light appeared, God was activating an entire Spectrum of Light, including many forms of light not visible to the human eye. Some would carry sound waves; some would empower the phenomenon of sight, and some even bind molecules to one another! The atmosphere was serenely peaceful, like the soft murmuring of a gentle breeze.

Its softness contrasted sharply with the harsh darkness of outer space through which the earth was hurtling!

For the first three days of our world’s history, this harmonious light shone brightly. The Sun with its blazing light would come later, on Day Four (with its further “duty”, “to mark off the seasons and the days and the years”) But on this momentous day, God, the Great Creator, was putting a full Spectrum of Light in place!

What was the Creator’s first gift for the Man He would soon bring into being? The unspeakably precious gift of sight! Along with the facilities necessary for sight, God was providing for an entire family of valuable features. Many of them would not be visible to the human eye, but each offered a distinctive contribution to the mosaic of life in the New World.


And it all sprang from God’s simple command on that dark morning,

“Let there be light!”

But even light, and the color which goes to make it up, requires energy!

The tiny particles which move incessantly at high speeds to produce light must have special energy. Some then become visible as “red”and some “blue” (at light-wave speeds of 400 nm/second and 700 nm.)

A train needs an engine. And the New World needed a source of energy! Without it, there would be no movement. Nothing would work! And God’s New World needed a very special engine, a unique source of energy, without which nothing would work!

The Creator’s Master Plan called for just such an engine, an abundant source of energy. Where would He turn?

He turned to a newly designed kind of power, called by men of science, “Electro-magnetic Energy.” It would be versatile enough to meet the need inside the close confines of an infinitesimally small atom! And at the same time, it would be able to answer the call from a thundercloud for a high energy bolt of lightning with its enormous, thunderous display of energy!

God had designed the earth with a unique core--a giant flow of superheated iron and rock. As this liquid rock and iron moved back and forth with the earth’s rotation, it produced a giant flow of electrical energy.

At the same time, it was as though the entire earth were made into a massive horseshoe magnet, reaching out with its magnetic field as far as 36,000 miles beyond the earth’s surface—with unmeasured amounts of magnetic force radiating throughout its vast fields of energy.

God took these two forms of energy and joined them together! The resulting flow had two components: one electric from the heart of the earth and one magnetic from the giant horseshoe magnet and its strong fields. God joined the two together, causing them to flow as one, always in the same direction and always at the same speed, the speed of light (about 300,000 kilometers per second!)

From microwaves to laser beams, from x-rays to gamma rays, others in this marvelous family of features were now activated to fulfill the vital role of each. 

There is what is known as the Van Allen Belt around the earth and reaching out thousands of miles into space. It contains vast amounts of magnetic energy.


There is what is known as the Van Allen Belt around the earth and reaching out thousands of miles into space. It contains vast amounts of magnetic energy.

This energy was made adaptable by the Creator to serve a wide variety of purposes. At one extreme, it would function effectively even within the confines of the tiny atom. At the other, it would provide the needed energy for the wide open spaces of the heavens! And it was made to flow throughout a worldwide, invisible grid which God prepared for this purpose.

This type of energy has come to be known as Radiant Energy (because of the way it radiates along its given path). Or as EM (Electro-magnetic) Energy pointing to the two types of energy God brought together to make it possible.

What an amazing Gift of Love! The Great Creator had provided for the world an adequate and adaptable form of energy, enough for the needs of the entire world as long as it should endure! The New World would now be able to function fully! From the far-flung light rays that would some day carry millions of radio and television messages, to the tiny movements that produce the individual colors of the rainbow, all the features of the Spectrum were now empowered and were functioning. Among them was the amazing facility of visible light, so crucial to the amazing gift of sight!

Men and animals alike would now be able to revel in this amazing Gift from the hand of God!

And all the other features of the New World, including human and animal bodies, were now possible, with an adequate supply of energy of exactly the right strength, the right kind, in the right place. God had put in place His astounding plan for power throughout the New World—a vital part of the foundation He was laying out.

An Abundance of Water

Earth’s clock moved on to the nine o’clock hour, and to another stupendous event!

First, in gentle drops water began appearing! It had never before been seen on Planet Earth. But soon it came in millions of tiny streams. Finally, in gushing torrents!

The oceans of the world had begun to fill with water! Refreshing, life-giving water! Everywhere throughout the globe, at a million points simultaneously, water began forming, and then gushing. Effortlessly it seemed, as three necessary components came together, the water formed and began to flow into the deep and dry ravines that marked the surface of the earth.

First hydrogen, the main element in water, was in abundant supply. Then God, in His unfathomable wisdom, calibrated the precise amount of oxygen that would be needed throughout the New World. And as the Great Creator, He instantly provided it! The third component turned out to be the ultra-tiny bursts of light called the intermolecular force. These would form the bond between two molecules of hydrogen on one hand and one molecule of oxygen on the other--H2O!

Water! And in abundance!

And so it was that the oceans of the world were filled to the brim, within the hour, with that amazing and mysterious crystal-clear elixir of life -- water!

When God’s discerning Eye saw that all of the oceans and rivers had been filled, the flow stopped! The deep crevasses of the earth’s surface had become ocean depths. The God-appointed boundaries for the seas had been reached, and vast reaches of water covered the surface of the earth, perfectly reflecting the open sky!

Amazingly, in the closed environment of our world with nothing but empty space surrounding the globe, that water has sufficed for the earth through all the centuries since! Rising as vapor from the surface of the ocean, it has ascended into the sky year after year, and in purified form, has returned to the earth and the oceans as rain!

Just as God had so wonderfully planned from the beginning!

God’s Tiny Marvels Come Together

But it was not only the water molecules which came together! All the other combinations of Tiny Marvels God had planned also came together, and were scattered as He determined throughout the expanse of the earth. Each of the chemical reactions for which the 118 primary dynamic Building Blocks were designed (the number grows as new elements are discovered), could now be carried out. All of the atoms listed in the “Periodic Table of the Elements” were there, from gases to liquids, from metals to alkaline materials.

That New Kind of Light

The world was now aglow with this new light. But much more was happening. God the Great Creator was inaugurating a complete Spectrum of Light, one of the central features of the new environment. This full family of features were all the same in structure— waves of light moving in one direction, at speed of light. Some were very short waves, some very long. But they all followed the same pattern, including “visible light.” As the height of the waves and the speed of their forward movement varied, the characteristics changed.

Some were long waves, carrying sound. Then there were microwaves and ultraviolet rays and laser beams and x-rays. And even tiny short waves, so small that they became the bond that held the Building Blocks, the molecules, together. Each feature had a vital function to fulfill in the New World,

Near the center of this Spectrum was found the amazing facility of Visible Light. It made possible the wonders of sight, for men and animals—an amazing gift to God’s creatures!

What a momentous beginning, as the Great Creator began His work of the First Day with the simple, majestic words, “Let there be light!”

Clearly, that light was not the light of the Sun. That would come three days later.

Air to Breathe

Day One moved on. It was 12 o’clock, noon!

With a soft rustling, the sky began to change. What had been the barrenness of outer space was changing from the earth’s surface upward. Hydrogen was there in abundance. And the Wise Creator knew that hydrogen alone would not sustain life and living creatures. He brought in oxygen until the mix was exactly 18.46%, precisely the amount needed by men and animals as they breathed it in and out over an entire lifespan!

As layer upon layer was added to the cushion of air surrounding the earth, it became heavier and heavier until it produced a pressure of 14.7 pounds per square inch (equivalent to 10.2 tons per square meter!) This was just what the Creator’s blueprint called for! And it proved to be just the air pressure needed to keep men and animals securely moving along the ground, without them being either weightless or unwieldy

The atmosphere was now in place, the molecules of air held together by the adhesive force of the intermolecular force, one form of Radiant Light!

Soil and its Nutrients

And the Great Creator continued working with His Tiny Marvels, molding them into all of the solid materials needed. Just as He had done with water and air, He now molded them into soil to cover the land. And as the 118 types of Tiny Marvels were scattered throughout the earth, some of them came together to supplement the earth with rich minerals, the kind needed for the plants and trees which would soon appear.

And God Created Time

At three o’clock, God stepped back to survey what He had made.

It was as though the God of Heaven clapped His hands jubilantly, “That is exactly what I had in mind!” He declared. He was delighted with all He saw. God’s perfect and profound work of Creation was well underway!

The day wore on. The earth moved forward in its daily rotation, and darkness descended on the earth. Amazingly, God then used the rotation of the globe to determine still another bedrock feature of His New World!

He announced that this was “The First Day” in the New World – a day of precisely 24 hours. In the future, man would build days and weeks into months and years. And he would divide the day into hours and minutes and seconds. This would be one of the controlling features for all of the activities on the earth--moving forward in a constant flow of hours and days.

“Time” had been inaugurated!

In His wisdom, God did not just set up a giant timepiece and make it be observed. He determined to build into every living organism He would make, a time clock! The rhythm then of activity and rest, of eating and sleeping, became a part of the very structure of every plant or animal, every tree or bird, that would later come from His Hand! Time, on a 24-hour basis, would set the boundaries within which the world and its activities would function.

And so it was that on Day One God set earth’s clock in motion. Time began!

So it was that on that First Day God put in place an amazing array of new features:

  • Light! The amazing New Light, now known as Radiant Light.
  • Water! With its miraculous qualities and the oceans to hold it.
  • Matter! All of the solid materials needed, the 118 kinds of atoms.
  • Air! Providing a protective shield from harmful rays and providing the oxygen needed for life.
  • Time! The “time dimension,” marking the freedoms within which the world would function and the constraints within which it would be limited.

An awesome, momentous First Day indeed!

Chapter 3 - Chapter 3 An Absolutely Momentous Event!
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