Seven Awesome Days

Seven Awesome Days 


Chapter 2

Appendix II — Surprising Conclusions from the Massive “Human Genome Project.”

  1. We do, after all, Have a Great and Wise Creator! The scientific data from the HG Project clearly points to this fact.
  2. The Human DNA is Immensely Complex -- Far More Complex than We had Imagined. Far beyond what any known process could make.
  3. The Creator Constructed the First Human DNA. He Made Only One; that was All He Needed! And it was the HG Project which uncovered the fact that all humans have 99.9% identical genetic structure, and therefore could only have come from one common source.
  4. There is no “Junk DNA.” Instead, there is a three-part Life Strand with the Highest Purposes! Genetic instructions for two essential procedures are located here.
  5. A Three-part “Life Strand” is Found in Every Cell of the Human Body! It is commonly agreed in the scientific world that a copy of the DNA can be found in virtually every cell of the human body, and it can be shown now that the Replication and the Control instructions accompany the DNA.
  6. The Human Genome Project Shows “The Origin of the Species” to be without a valid, scientific base. The Human Genome Project data show it to be a world of fantasy.

These conclusions and their practical outworking are each woven into “Seven Awesome Days.”

Learning from the Pinnacle of Scientific Discovery

Launched in 1990 and running through 2003, the Human Genome Project was a massive and authoritative study, involving hundreds of this generation’s most gifted men of science. It is spoken of as the “Crown Jewel of 20 years of biological research,” and as “the most important accomplishment in the field to date.”

  • Its goal? To map the entire human genome, the DNA structure which governs the entire body from birth to death.
  • Its budget? An astounding US$3 billion, about the same as the cost of sending the first man to the moon!
  • Its sponsors? It was basically financed and controlled by the US government, with participation from Europe and Japan, from Canada and other countries.
  • It was designed to be a public project, with the findings made freely available to everyone, via written reports and the Internet.

In an official publication, “Beyond the Human Genome Project,” the results of the project are summarized:

  1. In 2003, scientists in the HGP obtained the DNA sequence of the three billion base pairs making up the human genome.
  2. The human genome is nearly the same (99.9 %) in all people.
  3. Only about 2% of the human genome contains genes, which are instructions for making proteins.
  4. Humans have an estimated 30,000 genes; the functions of more than half of them are unknown.
  5. Almost half of all human proteins share similarities with those of other organisms, underscoring the unity of life.


Several conclusions stand out, each backed by the data from the Human Genome Project.

1. We do, after all, Have a Great and Wise Creator!

When I read of the Human Genome Project making a single strand of DNA the central feature of a giant, $3 billion scientific study, I was curious. Very naturally I asked the question, How was the first DNA made?

Two things immediately stood out: First, that the human DNA carried a phenomenal three billion pairs of genetic information! And second, that this genetic information was authoritatively shown to relate to the human body in great detail, carrying instructions for each specific part!

The implication was clear: whatever or whoever produced the DNA Strand was very intelligent. He had to be able to analyze each body organ and its function and directly relate that information to coded instructions on the DNA Strand. Now, this would be very difficult for any mechanical or random process to accomplish. He (or it) had to be able to analyze each body organ and its function. But natural processes do not have intelligence! And here, obviously, a very high level of intelligence was called for.

So on the very surface of things, we find the Human Genome Project telling us clearly, and with the best of scientific backing, that someone made the first DNA Strand, and that he possessed personhood, great intelligence, incredible abilities, great conceptual powers, an unusually large and capable memory, and the capability to tackle extremely complex problems and resolve them! The very structure of the DNA (as detailed by the HG Project) with its three billion base pairs, all in precise sequence, clearly point to the existence of a Great Creator!

The conclusion? Since there is no other person or procedure that could remotely be responsible for the making of the human DNA, it is clear that it was made by a Great and Wise Creator God! And this is a simple, direct conclusion drawn from the most authoritative source possible in the field of science!

We have the unusual phenomenon of the US government (not noted for its support of the Bible and Bible concepts) sponsoring and funding a giant project which, in the end, clearly confirms, through its publicly released data, the Bible account of creation. And we have them joining hands with hundreds of the top men of science (a body of men and women not especially noted either for their support of the Biblical account of Creation) proclaiming authoritatively that there is, after all, a Great and Wise and Capable Creator!

2. The Human DNA is Immensely Complex-- Far More Complex than We had Imagined.

It is constructed of three billion base pairs (by actual count) of genetic information and instruction, each of them in precise sequence—otherwise the actual body could not function--and ix clearly related to some specific part or function of the human body.

  1. It is agreed by science that each detail of the DNA structure relates to some function or feature of the human body, even though about 50% of those purposes are not clearly known.
  2. As a result, and because of the known structure of the DNA Strand, anyone (or anything) seeking to construct the first human DNA strand would of necessity be required to meet these six conditions:
    1. He would have to possess an intimate knowledge of every feature and every function of the human body, and in concrete terms hold it in his mind as a “blueprint” of the body still to come.
    2. That knowledge would in the end have to match precisely the equivalent features or functions of an actual living human body.
    3. He would have to hold that knowledge concretely enough that he could express it fully and precisely in the protein-based genetic language.
    4. He would have to have the ability to compress the completed DNA, with all its vital information, into a space not more than 2% of the total length of about two meters, as discovered in the Human Genome Project) -- an extremely demanding task!
    5. He would have to be able to replicate (make copies of) the DNA in huge quantities, in extremely close quarters and at lightning speeds.
    6. He would be required to have such knowledge of the human body and access to it, as to be capable of placing one copy of that DNA bundle at the center of virtually every cell in the human body--100 trillion cells!

These requirements put the bar for the maker of the DNA Strand at an extremely high level! More than that, they present six requirements that only a Great and Wise Creator could possibly fill!

3. God Constructed the First Human DNA. He Made Only One; that was All He Needed!

The Creator said He was the “living God, who made the heaven and the earth and the sea and all that is in them.” (Acts 14:15.) This would clearly include the DNA Strand. God did in actual fact make this world of ours, and the best of science confirms this fact! Only a Great Creator-God could meet the requirements laid down by the data from Human Genome Project—a Creator of great wisdom and vast powers.

The HGP has also uncovered the amazing fact that 99.9% of the Genetic structure in people of all races is identical! We all agree that these findings eliminate any basis for supposed racial superiority and put all humans on a common standing. We should, without prejudice, all be brothers!

And what does this have to say about the origin of the DNA Strand? Everyone will agree that if you have 100 individuals (let alone 6 billion!) with varying and changing characteristics, a growing diversity will result. Features that are 99.9% identical would never be possible! The only logical response: there had to be a common ancestry, a common point of beginning.

This points clearly to the astounding conclusion, clearly backed by the massive Human Genome Project, that the entire human race has descended from one set of parents! This of course matches the Biblical statement that “God has made of one man all the peoples of the world” and with the entire account of Creation found in the Bible.

This also means that the Creator, when He was making the original human DNA, needed only one Strand of that DNA! He had worked through each of the millions of details involved and had meticulously constructed that one Original. And that was all He needed! He would have maintained the Original, and have made a copy (called in later scientific language an mRNA) for the body of the First Man, Adam, and for the making of Woman. And other copies (or replications) for future generations would have come through that First Man.

In this way, all other human DNA Strands were precise copies of that original Strand! God was creating the human race, not just one individual. For this reason, the Life Strand (on which the DNA is located) included copying and error-correcting instructions, which provide for an error-free copy in every case where the DNA is passed from one generation to another.

4. There is no “Junk DNA”. In its place, there is a three-part Life Strand with the Highest Purposes!

The entire DNA takes up less than 2% of the strand on which it is located (according to the data released by the Human Genome Project). What does it matter that so little space is required? Let's look at this matter more closely.

The remaining 98% of the DNA Strand has been designated a “non-coding area” and by some, “junk DNA”. But the troubling question keeps coming up--we know from direct observation that in real life all of the DNA features and functions are fully activated and are working in the body of every person alive!

Where then is this activity carried out? No one in the field of science knows--though they all know, from direct observation, that this actually happens! Where this takes place is a mystery to science!

However, we now know that every DNA includes, adjacent to the DNA itself, a large area for which the purpose is “unknown.” The logical conclusion -- the 98%, often referred to as “junk DNA” must be the location of these vital functions, even if couched in another code that is still unknown to science. When “Dolly” was cloned, the replication instructions and the activating instructions were both obviously included, along with the DNA itself, and were implanted in the other adult sheep which eventually gave birth to”Dolly.”

So we agree to put these two considerations together (where logically they belong), and find this actually provides a meaningful solution to our problem! In this way, we take three things, each well known to science, and bring them together:
Three “C’s”—

  1. The actual DNA (Created by God Himself), and instructions for the Cataloging and preservation of it.
  2. Instructions for the Copying (or replication) of the DNA, and for proofreading and correcting of errors.
  3. Instructions for the Control (and the activating) of the DNA instructions, through an entire lifetime (including instructions for a communication system between the DNA and the 100 trillion body cells).

And we simply designate it, “Life Strand”, creating a beautiful and meaningful answer to a number of troubling problems and loose ends!

5. A Three-part “Life Strand” is Found in Every Cell of the Human Body!

The Life Strand is made up of three zones and three essential purposes related to the DNA, each clearly defined within the data of the Human Genome Project:

  1. Zone 1 holds the Master Strand of DNA (which only God can make) with its three billion base pairs. It has been found to take up less than 2% of the total length of the strand, and shares space for the necessary information concerning the cataloging and preservation of the DNA itself.
  2. Instructions for the entire copying (replication) process, including the proof-reading and error-correcting processes (resulting in errors fewer than one per billion of items copies). This would include provision for the initial 100 trillion copies required in the body and the ongoing replenishing of 25% of the total every four months (since the average life-span of a cell averages 120 days) (Science has been unable decipher the information carried in Zone 2 and has designated it a “non-coding area with unknown purpose”, or as “junk DNA”. We can assume that the Creator has utilized a different and far more complex “code” covering the information in Zone 2);
  3. The instructions covering the control (the activating or “switching” on and off) of each chromosome over a full life-time. This zone would also include instructions for the making and control of an inside-the-body wireless communications facility, linking three billion units of DNA information, on a moment-by-moment basis, with 100 trillion cells of the body—with more working connections than all the telephones of the world!) (Zone 3) (It would be logical to assume that the Creator has utilized a different and far more complex “code” covering the information in Zone 3. It should be noted also that apparently the information, and even the functioning of Zones 2 and 3 are sometimes intertwined rather than being in clearly defined separate locations.)

The Life Strand


6. The Human Genome Project Shows “The Origin of the Species” to be a World of Fantasy.

The Human Genome Project demonstrates conclusively that there is no valid scientific basis for “The Origin of the Species”, (1859) and the theory of evolution it presents.

The data from the Human Genome Project shows “The Origin of the Species” and the theory of evolution it presents as being a world of fantasy.

Why? Simply because of two factors uncovered in the massive Human Genome Project:

  1. The fact that the human genome contains, by actual count 3,164.7 million (3,164 billion) chemical nucleotide bases (A, C, T. and G.) -- an incredibly large number, and
  2. The fact that these base pairs are divided among some 30,000 genes and are found in precise sequence (not at random). Consequently, the level of complexity that must be produced in any proposed “random selection” rises expotentially at each step (i.e., the number of “chances” available for one successful result). Since there are approximately 30,000 genes and an average gene consists of 105,490,000 base pairs (3164.7 million divided by 30,000), the level of complexity which would have to be produced would rise to 1068 after just three steps (out of a required 30,000). But more significantly, the common-sense corollary to the Law of Large Numbers draws a line at 1050 (the numeral 10 with 50 zeroes!) as representing the number of chances beyond which the hoped-for event “will never happen” and where the result moves instead into fantasy. We now know that the arguments raised in ”The Origin of the Species” (since they have to do with living organisms) are based on organisms which require DNA for their existence, and are therefore in a category which goes beyond anything known to science in seeking to reproduce them..

Since it now can be shown conclusively that the “Origin of the Species” is without a valid base in science, this should be its death-knell. However, we confidently predict that many will continue to hold to this out-moded theory, rejecting the plain facts and adhering instead to a pattern of fantasy. After all, the author himself once said prophetically, “I am afraid I may have devoted my life to a fantasy.” His worst fears have come true!

The Testimony of the Human Eye.

The author of “The Origin of the Species” said, “To suppose that the eye, with all its inimitable contrivances for adjusting the focus to different distances, for admitting different amounts of light, and for the correction of spherical and chromatic aberration, could have formed by natural selection, seems, I freely confess, absurd in the highest degree possible.” He confidently anticipated that future study would demonstrate the nature of the eye to be a further extention of the simple eye known in that day. Instead, it has proven to be one of the most complex of engineering devices, with 132 million light sensors and channels of transmission carrying images to the brain, and showing the eye to be one of the most complex and most highly developed instruments to be found anywhere! This has fulfilled the worst nightmare of Mr. Darwin and shown conclusively that his theory is unworthy of further consideration.

Transitional Species

The same author of “The Origin of the Species” said, “As to my theory, innumerable transitional forms must have existed. Why do we not find them embedded in countless numbers in the crust of the earth? Looking not to any one time, but to all time, if my theory be true, numberless intermediate varieties, linking closely together all the species of the same group, most assuredly have existed. Why then is not every geological formation and every stratum full of such intermediate links? Geology assuredly does not reveal any such finely graduated organic chain, and this perhaps is the most obvious and gravest objection which can be urged against my theory.” After150 years, there has been no evidence of evolutionary transition found in the fossil record. Not one true transitional specimen has ever been found!

On the basis of these considerations, we can only at this stage declare the theory of evolution dead, and without scientific basis. It has proven to be pure fantasy, the product of the wild imagination of its originator and others who have followed him.


Chapter 2 - Appendix II — Surprising Conclusions from the Massive “Human Genome Project.”
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