Seven Awesome Days

Seven Awesome Days 


Chapter 1

A Word From the Almighty

Attention Please!

In science, and DNA in particular, recent years have seen groundbreaking discoveries of great significance. The author of this E-book is convinced that if God the Creator were to speak directly about them, He would say something like this:

A Word From the Almighty

To all who live on the Earth: I want you to know that you are dearly beloved by Me!

There are three significant events in recent years that you should note especially. Each of them marks an occasion where I “engineered.”, through well-known scientists and political leaders, a message for this generation. As I have often done in the past, I worked in the lives of present-day scientists and political leaders and caused them to do My bidding. What I accomplished through them I have intended as an important message for this generation!

  1. I, The God of Heaven, have chosen to share the secret code I used in the making of all living things on Earth. That code was “cracked” (with My permission) by James Watson and Francis Crick, in February, 1953. It is known as “The Genetic Code of Life”, and it has been widely known and used now for fifty years, in particular to unlock the mysteries of DNA.
  2. I, as The Creator, have chosen to plainly reveal how I formed each living thing—through a Life Strand, -- a strand of DNA (genetic information), just as I Created it, plus the instructions for Copying (the replication process) and then Controlling (the activating process) that genetic information. This was accomplished when “Dolly”, the sheep, was cloned from a single chromosome taken from another adult sheep, on February 23, 1997, and demonstrated that the genetic blueprint found on a DNA strand does in real fact represent a true, living organism.
  3. I, the Almighty, have chosen to provide (through the Human Genome Project) a detailed look at a representative strand of DNA. This Strand is one of the chief means I used in My work of bringing Life to Planet Earth. The Project was carried out under a $3 billion project sponsored primarily by the U.S. Government and carried to completion by a considerable body of renowned scientists. Its successful completion was publicly announced by President Bill Clinton and Prime Minister Tony Blair on May 9, 2003.

I appeal to you: take My message to heart! I ask you to review with fresh eyes My work of Creation, and especially My work of bringing Life to Planet Earth.

Your Loving Creator,

The Almighty One.

Chapter 1 - A Word From the Almighty
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