Seven Awesome Days
How Did it All Begin?

With a Bang, that’s what!

Amazing, but true! The “bang” reverberated around the world for seven solid days, each day bringing some fresh, astounding development! It was not a destructive bang, blowing things apart. But a picture-perfect, soothing sound—almost musical—that put things in place, beautifully and harmoniously!

No, we’re not talking fantasy here. This is real stuff, real history! In fact, it’s the first recorded history of our real world! It’s the story of seven days that will blow your mind! If newspapers had been around, they’d have been filled with screaming headlines about it!

If this is real fact (and it is!), where do we learn about such earth-shaking news? It’s not hard to find. There are two good sources: first, the oldest Book of real history, and second, what could be called “digging-up-the-past experts”—scientists who study the hard evidence from today and can tell us something of what happened yesterday

We will look at both of them, at both the Bible account and the true science account. Both present hard, solid facts.

So, right here at the outset we invite you to set aside the prejudices you might have been holding about “How Did it All Begin?” We are confident you will find our fresh pathway a refreshing one, leading to the satisfying answer that has escaped so many.

Can we get at the Hard Facts of the Past?
Seven Awesome Days

Sure we can! True science will take us there! Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary says that science is “A branch of knowledge, or study, dealing with a body of facts or truths, systematically arranged and showing the operation of general laws.” So when science views our world, it honestly presents the plain facts it uncovers, tells how the oak tree came from an acorn, the apple tree from a tiny seed. It views the real world and reports the plain facts.

In this e-book, we simply accept that part of science that is a careful observation of the real, tangible world, (and that takes in most of science!) including the world of atoms and molecules. Whatever must be categorized as “theory” we set aside for now, waiting for the day when that theory might be proven true or false. We want to stand on solid ground!

One great question: Was there actually a Great Creator who sculpted this world of ours? There is One who says He did! And if He did, the world of nature around us is the handiwork of a Great Creator! Even the greatest scientific study of all times now presents data pointing in this direction! (See page 171 in our e-book). So when science views what the Creator has actually made, it can truly be said that it is “thinking God’s thoughts after Him”! The two are in full agreement!

Can Faith get at the Hard Facts?

Yes, if it is “true faith!” Now, true faith is not “true faith” just because somebody said it was so. Rather, we take up the one Book that specifically claims to have been given by the Creator Himself. That Book states, “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God,” telling us that the Creator guided the human writers involved to write down just what He wanted to convey to us. Not too big a job for One so able!

So we accept the Bible as our authentic basis for true faith, a Book given to us by none other than the Creator Himself! And we accept the plain meaning of the Bible as it stands, without “interpretations” that change the meaning. We just want the direct and obvious meaning of the words before us.

So, we open The Book, and on the first page find this amazing statement: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1).

And a further on, “This is what the Lord says,....

“I have made the earth and created man upon it. I, with My own hands, have stretched out the heavens and set in place the host of stars they contain.” (Isaiah 45:11, 12).

Anyone making a statement like that either was able do what He said, or was a monumental liar! Many millions of people around the world would be prepared to testify that the Creator-God of the Bible is anything but a liar!

In this e-book, along with those millions of people, we choose to stand our ground and say that the Creator of our world is an awesome, wonderful Creator. We choose to honor Him! He is the One who actually produced the “hard facts” we’re going to talk about!

So, without further ado, we invite you to join us on the Incredible Journey! We will set out together on the most exciting journey—and the most meaningful--you have ever experienced! A journey through “Seven Awesome Days!”

Just look out! Watch out for the “bang”’ that will sound off in your heart when you really realize all that transpired during those First Seven Days of world history!

It’s a beautiful, beautiful experience!